Irritrol’s I-PRO

Irritrol’s I-PROTM Series spray heads combine a pressure-activated wiper seal and advanced formula lubricant that virtually eliminates troublesome stick-ups. Add a unique tapered lip design that prevents debris from entering the body and you have a spray head with superior performance. It’s rugged and reliable with a textured body style for a non-slip grip and even easier installation. Available in four pop-up heights with side inlet, pressure regulation and check valve options, the I-PRO Series fits most landscape application.

Toro’s 570z

Toro® 570Z Spray Heads with Pressure Regulation ensure your nozzles perform at their best. As a rule of thumb, spray nozzles should be operated at 30 psi to ensure a consistent spray pattern and the minimizing of water waste as a result of misting and overspray. Toro 570Z Spray Heads feature a ‘zero flush’ seal to ensure a full pop-up height, a ratcheting riser for easy alignment, and stainless-steel spring for full retraction.


Toro’s T5 Rotor

The Toro T5 RapidSet® Series rotor lineup has set a new standard in ¾” rotor arc adjustments. The T5 RapidSet is the market’s first ¾” rotor to with “NO TOOLS” arc adjustments and the ability to make pattern adjustments without the need for any tools whether under wet or dry conditions. The T5 RapidSet rotor also features exclusive Airfoil™ Technology nozzles, which are specially-designed to create a low pressure zone just beneath the nozzle opening that allows gentler up-close watering and contributes to the nozzles’ leading distribution uniformity.

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