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SprinklerDude’s Resources section is a powerhouse for irrigation professionals. It hosts “The Cheat Sheet” with nozzle charts in metric and imperial, a rich Terms and Definitions page, and a career-building Educational Resources section. Elevate your irrigation expertise with these invaluable resources.

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We’re dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive hub for irrigation-related information
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Cheat Sheets

Your Go-To for Sprinkler Nozzle and Friction Loss Charts.
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Educational Resources

Mastering Irrigation: Explore Top Online and In-Person Training Resources.
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Terms & Definitions

Comprehensive and informative.
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Explore SprinklerDude’s Tools section, where you can acquire the exact tools I trust and use in the field. Elevate your irrigation practice with top-quality equipment available for purchase.

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Discover firsthand experiences and be inspired to take your own skills to new heights.

Michael LevyService Manager | MasterScapes
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What's not to love? This is a guy who is passionate about his work and wants to educate as many people as he can. He is the definition of a leader. You would be a fool not to follow at least one of his social media accounts.
Adler Irrigation, LLC
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The content is very informative and encourages intelligent discussions surrounding irrigation and it’s best practices.
John Salzbrunn Founder | Irriplans.com
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SprinklerDude has some of the most informative & entertaining content out in the irrigation industry. He is a genius in how he comes up with content and he has helped grow my irrigation-software business tremendously. I could not say enough great things about him. Highly recommend!

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