SprinklerDude Approved Products encompass a range of essential tools, technologies, and services tailored for irrigation professionals working in the field. These carefully selected items are proven to meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability, aligning with our mission to empower and educate irrigators. Each of these products has been personally used and tested by SprinklerDude, and I stand behind every item on this list. They have not only assisted me in my work but have the potential to significantly benefit other irrigation professionals as well. By choosing SprinklerDude Approved Products, you are investing in tools and technologies that come with my personal endorsement, contributing to improved irrigation practices and a positive impact on the environment.

Armada Technologies PRO881®

THE GeoRipper®

Hunter® Hydrawise HPC Smart Controller

PRO-C Hydrawise Wi-Fi- Hunter

The Irritrol® 205 Control Valve

Irritrol 205 of White Color

Efficient Fittings

Hunter® MP Rotator Nozzles

Irritrol® IPro Spray Heads

Irriplans web-based mapping software.

OptConnect Managed Wireless Solutions

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